Expenditures on Health Care


Health Economics

  • The total expenditures (public and private) on health care services in a jurisdiction (or on/by a client group) over a period of time. There have been innumerable international comparisons of health care expenditures, often motivated by the false idea that there is a magic benchmark somewhere 'out there' that other decision-makers (can they be politicians?) have got right and that you can use to buttress your case for more (less) spending in your own neck of the woods. The variation in per capita spending (public or private or both combined) and in fractions of GDP taken up by health care is substantial.

    The most clearly consistent and robust outcome of econometric studies is that per capita GDP is a major determinant and that the aggregate income-elasticity of demand for health care is around +1.0 after allowing for confounders.

  • synonymHealth Care Expenditures
    (written as expenditures on health care)