General English


  • noun the practice or business of sending goods to foreign countries to be sold
  • verb to send goods to foreign countries for sale


  • noun produce or a crop which is sold to a foreign country
  • verb to send and sell crops or produce to foreign countries


  • verb to save data in a different file format from the default


  • verb to sell and transport a product to a foreign country


  • To format, move, or save a file or data in a manner that it can be fully utilized by another application, or within another environment. For example, a given word processor application saving a file in a format which can be used by a given spreadsheet program. This contrasts with import, in which the conversion takes place after the data has been received in foreign format.


  • noun a product made in one country and sold to another.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to convert data from a computer program into a form suitable for a different program or environment


  • noun the sending of goods out of a country to be sold
  • noun something sent out of the country for sale