General English

  • noun the act of putting someone under the influence of something
  • noun the state of not being protected, e.g. from cold
  • noun the time and amount of light needed for a picture to be taken on film

General Science

  • noun the act or process of being exposed to an agent


  • noun publicity given to an organisation or product
  • noun the amount of risk which a lender or investor runs


  • noun the fact of being exposed, especially to severe weather or other forces of nature


  • The condition or state of being exposed. For instance, to light, radiation, or a high voltage.
  • An act or circumstance which results in being exposed, or exposing something else.
  • The quantity or extent of exposure (1).


  • noun the act of showing something which was hidden

Media Studies

  • noun the amount of light that a film is exposed to, controlled by the size of the lens aperture


  • noun the fact of being damp, cold and with no protection from the weather


  • noun the act of allowing light-sensitive film to be exposed to light
  • noun the amount of time a photographic film is exposed to light