General English

  • noun the act of extending something
  • noun something that makes something bigger or longer
  • noun a telephone in an office which is connected to the company‚Äôs main line

General Science

  • noun something added to something else to make it longer


  • noun an additional period of time allowed for something, e.g. the repayment of a debt


  • noun an individual telephone linked to the main switchboard


  • A wing, ell, or other addition to an existing building.
  • The product of a quantity multiplied by a unit price.
  • The completion of a mathematical equation.
  • An agreement between parties extending to term of a contract.


  • An enlargement in scope, or in length of time. For instance, a plug in which adds functionality to an application.
  • A set of characters appearing at the end of a filename, indicating the file type. For example, in the filename notepen.exe, the .exe portion is the extension, and in this case specifies an executable program. Also called filename extension.
  • A telephone, modem, or similar device connected to a main line, such as a PBX.


  • noun the act of allowing more time for an activity


  • noun the stretching or straightening out of a joint

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