General English

General Science

  • verb to obtain something such as information or data from a source
  • verb to obtain something from a substance by a chemical or industrial process
  • verb to take something such as a mineral out of the ground
  • verb to remove the essence from a liquid


  • noun a printed document which is part of a larger document


  • verb to produce a substance from another


  • noun a part taken from a longer text
  • verb to obtain from a substance by chemical or mechanical action
  • verb to take out or to obtain information from something


  • verb to remove required data or information from a database


  • To remove via a physical or chemical process. For instance, to utilize electrowinning to extract a metal from its molten ore.
  • To remove one or more components from a complex signal. For example, in color TV, to extract the chrominance components from the chrominance signal.
  • In computers, to remove items from a larger group, such as components of expressions, or to remove bits or characters from words.
  • To decompress data, files, or the like.


  • noun a concentrated product obtained by first dissolving a substance and then evaporating the liquid in which it is dissolved

Information & Library Science

  • noun a small part of a piece of writing or music which is printed or played separately


  • verb to get something such as information or a promise from someone by force, threats or close questioning


  • noun a preparation made by removing water or alcohol from a substance, leaving only the essence


  • verb to remove one object from another
  • verb to move someone out of an area of operations


  • the minerals and trace elements that are part of any wine and give the impression of richness or density of colour and texture. If you remove the basic elements of water, sugar, acid, and alcohol what is left is the ‘extract’.