General Science

  • noun an internal company network (intranet) that has a connection to the public Internet and allows users to gain access via the Internet


  • noun a closed network of websites and email systems that is accessible to the people who belong to an organisation and to some others who do not, and that allows the outsiders access to the organisation’s internal applications or information—usually subject to some kind of signed agreement


  • A shared communications network that uses Internet technology to allow collaborating parties to share information. Especially useful with large, fast-track projects that require extensive documents.


  • Portions of an intranet which are available to authorized outsiders. For instance, a business which allows existing customers to use the Internet to access certain areas, such as those designated for product information and ordering.

Information & Library Science

  • noun an extension of the intranet of a company or organisation, giving authorised outsiders controlled access to the intranet