Cars & Driving

  • plural noun optional additional items either fitted by the manufacturer at the buyer’s request, or fitted later by the owner, comprising either accessories such as seat covers or additional lights or built-in items such as a heated rear window or sunroof


  • plural noun items which are not included in a price


  • noun any runs that do not result, directly or indirectly, from a scoring stroke made by the striker; specifically, runs credited to the batting side (but not to an individual batsman) in respect of byes, leg-byes, no-balls, or wides. Any additional runs that are obtained other than by actual running (as from a boundary, a lost ball, or an instance of the ball being stopped by a player’s helmet) are credited to the striker if he hit the ball, but otherwise to the appropriate category of extras. In the case of no-balls and wides, the one-run ‘penalty’ which is incurred ‘shall be in addition to any other runs scored’ (Laws 24 §12, 25 §5).
    See bye, leg-bye, no-ball, wide


  • plural noun something added to what is usual or expected, or something not included in the original price