Media Studies

  • noun a Russian term meaning ‘story’ – the narrative


  • In the ancient Roman theater, the general term for a play.There were many subdivisions. One of the oldest native genres wasthe atellana, a short impromptu farce, the name of whichcame from the town of Atella. Two similar forms were the saltica,in which the text was sung by a chorus, and the riciniata;both were mime plays.

    The palliata was a work of Greek New Comedytranslated into Latin. Evolving from this genre in the 2nd centuryBC, the togata or tabernaria featured bawdysatire of the everyday life of the lower classes.

    The praetexta was an original Latin play based on Romanlegend or history, or dealing with contemporary themes. Naevius createdthe form, while other exponents included Accius, Ennius, and Pacuvius.The rhinthonica was a Roman burlesque of a Greek tragedy namedafter the Greek playwright Rhinthon of Tarentum (4th century BC).