• noun
    (written as fade out)
    an image that gradually changes to a blank screen
  • noun
    (written as fade out)
    a sound that gradually decreases in volume until it is inaudible


  • A gradual disappearance of images and/or sounds, such as might occur at the end of a movie or song.
  • A rapid and complete loss of electromagnetic skywave signals, due to substantially increased ionization in the ionosphere. This ionization is caused by increased solar noise, which itself is caused by solar storms. It may last from a few minutes to several hours. Also called radio fadeout, Dellinger fadeout, or Dellinger effect.
  • synonymfading

Media Studies

  • noun a gradual loss of reception of a television or radio broadcast signal
  • noun a gradual decrease in brightness or sound until an image or sound completely disappears


  • noun a defect in printing, where the image becomes faint