Federico García Lorca



  • (1898 - 1936) Spanish poet and dramatist, who is now regardedas one of the greatest masters of the Spanish language. A composer in hisyouth, García Lorca believed that poetry was a form of music and beganby performing rather than publishing his early verse. Literary fame wasfinally secured with the publication of the collection of gypsy balladsRomancero gitano (1928). His first play El malificio dela mariposa (Butterfly's Evil Spell) was produced in 1920at the Teatro Eslava, Madrid, by Martinez Sierra, but was only performedonce. It was followed by Mariana Pineda (1927) and Amorde Don Perlimplin con Belisa en su jardin (1931). In 1932 he foundedLa Barraca, a state-funded educational travelling theater company,and thereafter served as its director, composer, and playwright.

    With his hauntingly lyrical and experimental plays GarcíaLorca opposed the contemporary fashion for realism. His works depict peasant life in his native Andalusia, concentrating inparticular on the conflict between love and honour and the frustrationsof women in a highly traditional society. His best-known work isthe trilogy comprising Blood Wedding, The house of BernardaAlba, and Yerma.

    At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, García Lorcawas executed without trial by Nationalist partisans and buried in anunmarked grave.