General Science

  • noun an animal that eats particular food or eats in a particular way
  • noun a device which supplies something


  • noun something which supplies or adds to something else of the same type
  • noun a container from which livestock are fed


  • noun a channel that carries signals from one point to another
  • noun a mechanism that automatically inserts the paper into a printer


  • An electrical cable or group of electrical conductors that runs power from a larger central source to one or more secondary or branch circuit distribution centers.
  • A bolt or device that pushes material onto a crusher or conveyor.


  • A conductor or line which provides power or a signal to a circuit, device, piece of equipment, or system. Also called feed (4).
  • A line which carries electric power from one point to another, especially when originating at a generating station or substation.

Media Studies

  • noun a line connecting an aerial to a receiver or transmitter


  • noun a device which feeds sheets of paper into a printing machine


  • noun a road, railway or airline that carries traffic from a relatively small place to a city in order to connect with the main routes