General English

  • noun how something seems when touched
  • verb to seem soft, cold, etc., when touched
  • verb to experience something with your body or mind
  • verb to think something


  • verb to touch someone or something, usually with your fingers
  • verb to give a sensation


  • noun a sexual contact, a grope or caress. In American teen jargon the word is often heard in the phrase cop a feel.

Origin & History of “feel”

Like its west Germanic cousins, German fühlen and Dutch voelen, feel is part of a wider Indo-European word-family covering notions like ‘touching’ and ‘handling’, including Greek palámē and Latin palma ‘palm of the hand’ and Latin palpāre, originally ‘stroke, touch lightly’, later ‘feel’ (source of English palpable and palpitation). Its ultimate ancestor was the Indo-European base *pōl-, *pal-.