General English


  • A fabric of matted compressed fibers, usually manufactured from cellulose fibers from wood, paper, or rags, or from glass fibers.


  • noun a revolving loop of soft material which carries the paper through the papermaking processes

Real Estate

  • noun a synthetic fabric made by the process of matting, especially a heavy paper permeated with asphalt, used as a roof sealant

Origin & History of “felt”

Etymologically, felt is a fabric that is formed by ‘beating’ (as indeed is the case, for it is made from compressed fibres). The word comes via west Germanic *feltaz or *filtiz (source also of German filz and Dutch vilt ‘felt’, and of English filter) from prehistoric Indo-European *peldos, a derivative of the same base as produced Latin pellere ‘strike, beat’ and the second syllable of English anvil.