• A tube or metallic sleeve, fitted with a screwed cap to the side of a pipe to provide access for maintenance.
  • A metal sleeve or collar attachedto the end of a short cable in making a choker. The ferrule fits into the bell of the choker. Also called a nubbin.
  • spacer tube used in hanging metal gutter to prevent deforming of the gutter when attached.


  • A mechanical fixture which helps align, hold, or give structural support. For instance, such fixtures at each end of a cartridge fuse, which enable plug in connection. A ferrule is usually made of metal, ceramic, or plastic.


  • noun a metal or rubber cap or ring that strengthens and protects the lower end of a crutch or walking stick
  • verb to fit a ferrule onto a crutch or walking stick

Origin & History of “ferrule”

Despite appearances, ferrule ‘metal cap on the end of a stick’ has no etymological connection with Latin ferrum ‘iron’, although its present form has been heavily influenced by it. It is an alteration of an earlier virolle, which was borrowed in the 15th century from Old French. The Old French word in turn came from Latin viriola ‘little bracelet’, a diminutive form of viriae ‘bracelet’.