• noun any member of the side that is fielding, apart from the bowler and wicket-keeper
    Citation ‘The field set by Courtney Walsh was such that the boundaries were protected by six or seven fielders for the first four balls of each over’ (Paul Allott, CricketerMay 1994)
  • noun a player who fields with the stated level of skill or in a particular fielding position
    Citation ‘Fullston played an important role in the 1984–1985 series against England taking 19 wickets … She also scored some useful runs and was a fine close to the wicket fielder’ (Cashman & Weaver 1991)
    Citation ‘Jonty Rhodes is probably the greatest fielder in the world, virtually covering two positions – point and cover, or mid-on and mid-wicket – with acrobatic agility and speed’ (Donald Woods, Guardian 20 July 1994)


  • noun in cricket, rounders or baseball, a player who is positioned on the field of play to catch or retrieve the ball when it is struck by the person batting