General English


  • verb to carry out a client’s instructions to buy or sell


  • verb to put characters into gaps in a field so that there are no spaces left
  • verb to draw an enclosed area in one colour or shading


  • The soil or other material used to raise the grade of a site area.
  • A subfloor leveling material.


  • That which serves to occupy a space or enclosure. For example, the fill of a gas tube, or the fill between spaces in hard solder. Also to add such a substance to a space or enclosure.
  • To occupy a virtual space. For instance, the filling of a polygon on a computer screen with a given pattern or color, or to place numbers, data, or formulas in a spreadsheet cell.


  • verb to put a filling inside food

Origin & History of “fill”

Fill originated in prehistoric Germanic times as a derivative of the adjective *fullaz ‘full’, source of modern English full. this was *fulljan, which produced German füllen, Dutch vullen, Swedish fylla, Danish fylde, and English fill.