General English

  • verb to see where something hidden or lost is after looking for it
  • verb to discover something which was not known before



  • (written as Find)
    a utility program supplied with Windows 95 that will search through any disk for a particular file, folder, or computer
  • noun a command to locate a piece of information
  • verb to get something back which has been lost


  • To examine or explore a selected text, document, or file, looking for specific character strings, special characters, commands, or the like. Also called search (3). Also, a specific instance of such a find.
  • To examine or explore a document, file, database, disk, the Internet, or the like, looking for specific data or items. Also called search (2). Also, a specific instance of such a find.

Origin & History of “find”

Find is a widespread Germanic verb, with relations in German (finden), Dutch (vinden), Swedish (finna), and Danish (finde). further back in time, however, its ancestry is disputed. some have connected it with various words for ‘path, way’ in Indo-European languages, such as Sanskrit panthās and Russian put’, and with related forms denoting ‘go, journey’, like Old Saxon fāthi ‘going’ and Old high German fendeo ‘walker’; others have suggested a link with Latin petere ‘seek’.