General English

  • noun one of the parts at the end of your hand, sometimes not including the thumb
  • noun one of the parts of a glove that cover the fingers
  • noun a piece of food shaped like a finger

General Science

  • noun a software program that will retrieve information about a user based on his or her electronic mail address

Cars & Driving

  • noun a narrow projecting part, often acting as a lever and pivoting at one end or in the middle and pressing on another part



  • An Internet utility which enables a user to find information on another user. For example, if a user provides the email address of another user which has provided a profile to the system, information such as the name, telephone number, and an indication if that user is currently logged on may be obtained.


  • A strip of food usually a rectangular piece of toast or a white bread roll about 10 cm by 2–3 cm

Information & Library Science

  • verb to use a finger program to obtain information about somebody


  • verb to inform on someone. From the action of pointing out a culprit.
  • verb to sexually stimulate (vaginally or anally) with the finger(s)

Origin & History of “finger”

Widespread among the Germanic languages (German, Swedish, and Danish all have finger, and Dutch vinger), finger is not found in any other branch of Indo-European. It is usually referred to a prehistoric Indo-European ancestor *pengkrós ‘number of five’, a derivative (like fist) of *pengke ‘five’.