General English

General Science

  • noun the process, or an area, of burning

Cars & Driving

  • verb to start to run
  • verb to ignite (the mixture)


  • noun a potentially dangerous situation in which something is burning
  • noun the act of shooting


  • noun flames and heat from a substance which is burning, or a small heap of burning material which is being used to provide heat
  • noun the effect of bullets or other projectiles hitting a target and its vicinity
  • verb to discharge a gun or missile or to detonate an explosive device

Origin & History of “fire”

Appropriately enough for one of the mainsprings of human civilization, the word fire is widespread amongst Indo-European languages (although it is only one of two competing ‘fire’ strands, the other being represented in English by ignite). among its relatives are Greek pur (whence English pyre, pyrotechnic, and, by a very circuitous route, bureau), Czech pýr ‘embers’, Armenian hūr, and Hittite pahhur, pointing back to a prehistoric Indo-European *pūr. Its Germanic descendant was *fūir, from which came German feuer, Dutch vuur, and English fire.