General English

General Science

  • noun a small piece of a solid

Cars & Driving

  • verb to come or peel off in thin pieces (flakes)


  • Thin slivers or slices of food such as is obtained when a cooked fish is gently broken with a fork or as in corn flakes, almond flakes, etc.
  • The flesh of certain small Australian sharks


  • noun a thin piece of tissue


  • noun an eccentric or crazy person. A later formation from flaky. The origin is obscure.
  • noun cocaine. high-quality Peruvian cocaine, e.g., is often sold in the form of small flakes.
  • noun an unreliable or dangerous individual.

Origin & History of “flake”

Flake appears to go back to a prehistoric Germanic source which denoted the splitting of rocks into strata. this was *flak-, a variant of which produced English flaw (14th c.) (which originally meant ‘flake’), the second syllable of whitlow (14th c.) (which probably means etymologically ‘white fissure’), floe (19th c.), and probably flag ‘stone slab’.