Cars & Driving

  • noun a flat outside edge or rim of a part, by which it is often attached to another part


  • A projecting ring, ridge, or collar placed on a pipe or shaft to strengthen, prevent sliding, or accommodate attachments.
  • The longitudinal part of a beam, or other structural member, that resists tension and compression.


  • A protruding rim or edge which guides and/or imparts strength when attaching one object to another. For instance, such a projection which helps insure the snug fit of a plug inserted in a jack.

Real Estate

  • noun a projecting collar, rim, or rib on an object for fixing it to another object, holding it in place, or strengthening it


  • noun the vagina. The phrase ‘piece of flange’ is armed-forces’ slang for (an attractive) woman. In its primary sense flange was publicised by its use in 2003 TV revelations of drunken revelling by young UK tourists in Ibiza.