• noun
    (written as flat bat)
    a bat held horizontally with its full face presented to the ball
    Citation ‘Benaud dropped the ball a shade short, and Richardson withdrew a pace and lathered it with the flat bat, presumably aiming to clear mid-on’ (Peebles 1959)
  • noun
    (written as flat bat)
    a shot played with a flat bat
    Citation ‘Heading in the second innings for an initial first-class century, he reached 98 at Fitzherbert Park with a hazardous flat-bat over cover’ (Terry Power, WCM)
  • verb to hit the ball fairly straight with a ‘flat bat’, producing a somewhat unorthodox shot, often when the ball is neither short enough to cut nor far enough up to drive
    Citation ‘After flat-batting Thomson over cover point for four he was hit a painful blow on the toe by a full toss’ (Henry Blofeld, Cricketer February 1983)