General English


  • noun a leg-side shot played with a light quick movement of the wrists into the area behind the wicket, especially to a half-volley pitching on or around leg stump
  • verb to hit the ball towards the leg side with a light quick movement of the wrists, usually sending it over the heads of the close fielders and into the area behind the wicket
    Citation ‘This combination of solidity and audacity quickly provoked Border into … bringing in his deep fine leg, whereupon Asiwar showed his brilliance by walking across his crease to flick deliveries into the unpopulated areas around long leg’ (Peter Roebuck, Sydney Morning Herald 21 February 1990)
    Citation ‘Sachin batted aggressively, driving, cutting and flicking the nigglingly accurate Walsh’ (Purandare 2005)


  • noun a film. This word was first common slang, then trade jargon in the film business and now, via such American magazines as Variety, is emerging again as a general term for a film. (For the derivation see flicks.).