General English

  • noun a large amount of water over an area of land which is usually dry
  • noun a large amount of something, e.g. tears or letters
  • verb to cover something with water
  • verb to become covered with water
  • verb to come in large numbers


  • noun a large amount of water covering land that is usually dry, caused by phenomena such as melting snow, heavy rain, high tides or storms

Cars & Driving


  • verb to fill with a large quantity of something

Information & Library Science

  • noun a large number of things or a large amount of information

Media Studies

  • noun a lamp with a wide angle that spreads the beam of light broadly.


  • noun an overflow of water or other liquid beyond its normal limits
  • verb to cause a flood in an area

Origin & History of “flood”

Flood goes back to a prehistoric Germanic *flōthuz, which also produced German flut, Dutch vloed, and Swedish flod ‘flood’. It was derived ultimately from Indo-European *plō-, a variant of *pleu- ‘flow, float’ which also produced English fleet, float, fly, fledge, and fowl.