General Science

  • noun the ground beneath something


  • noun the bottom level of something, e.g. the lowest exchange rate which a government will accept for its currency or the lower limit imposed on an interest rate


  • noun the part of the room which you walk on
  • noun all the rooms on one level in a building

Cars & Driving


  • The surface within a room upon which one walks.
  • The horizontal division between two stories of a building, formed by assembled structural components or a continuous mass, such as a flat concrete slab.


  • noun the lowest level of bids at an auction for rights in a book, established by the first bidders and rejected by the seller, but used as a basis for further bids

Origin & History of “floor”

Floor and its first cousins, German flur ‘paved floor’ and Dutch vloer ‘floor’, go back to a prehistoric Germanic *flōruz. they are related to various Celtic words for ‘floor’, including Old Irish lār, Welsh llawr, and Breton leur, and it has been speculated that both the Germanic and the Celtic words come ultimately from the same source as Latin plānus ‘flat’ and English flat, and denote etymologically ‘flat surface’.