Florrie Forde



  • (Florence Flanagan; 1876 - 1940). The popular music-hallperformer often described as the 'Australian Marie Lloyd'.She made her debut in 1894 at the Polytechnic, Sydney, singing 'HeKissed Me When He Left Me and Told Me To Be Brave'. She joined HarryRickard's company there before settling in London in 1897.

    Florrie's large figure became famous in the halls; she earneda reputation as a vivacious singer who could get even the most timidaudience to explode into rousing renditions of such songs as 'HoldYour Hand Out, You Naughty Boy', 'Down at the Old Bull and Bush',and 'Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?' On one occasion an audience hadher repeat a popular tune 33 times. She also appeared as a principalboy in pantomime.