General English

  • verb to move wings quickly but with not a lot of force

General Science

  • noun a repeated change in tape speed owing to mechanical or circuit problems, causing signal distortion


  • noun the occurrence of fluctuations of tape speed due to mechanical or circuit problems, causing signal distortion


  • Rapid fluctuations in a signal or quantity, such as amplitude or frequency.
  • In sound reproduction, a form of distortion manifesting itself as rapid fluctuations of pitch. It is caused by equipment speed variations occurring during recording, dubbing, or reproduction. When occurring at low frequencies, known as wow.
  • The rapid fluctuation in the strength of a received signal. May be caused, for instance, by improper tuning, or antenna movements.

Media Studies

  • noun a slow variation in pitch of recorded sound, occurring at higher frequencies than wow


  • noun a rapid movement, especially of the atria of the heart, which is not controlled by impulses from the sinoatrial node