focal length



  • The distance at which a converging mirror or lens will bring parallel light to a point, or the distance from which a parallel beam will appear to diverge after passing through a diverging lens or mirror For a simple mirror with a surface which is part of a sphere, the focal length is half of the radius of curvature. Since astronomical objects are in effect infinitely far away, a mirror or lens will focus light from them at its own focal length, near which an eyepiece can form a visible image.


  • For a lens, the distance between its optical center and its principal focus.
  • For a mirror, the distance between its surface and its principal focus.
  • synonymfocal distance

Media Studies

  • noun the distance away from the camera at which objects are in focus. Different lenses and lens apertures produce different focal lengths.


  • noun the distance between the lens of the eye and the point behind the lens where light is focused