follow on



  • noun
    (written as follow-on)
    an enforced second innings taken by a side immediately after its first innings, when its first innings total falls short of its opponents’ score by a stipulated number of runs
    Citation ‘Such was the resentment against West Indies captain Jeff Stollmeyer, over his decision not to compel England’s follow on, that he was given police protection’ (Crawford White, News Chronicle cricket Annual 1954)
  • verb (of a team) to have a second innings immediately after the first at the request of the opposing captain, after failing to reach a score within a stipulated number of runs of the opposing team’s first innings score, in accordance with the follow-on rule
    Citation ‘Not even Lee’s hard-hit 47 could prevent Australia from following on for the first time since Karachi in 1988–1989’ (Lawrence Booth, Wisden 2006)


  • verb to set printed text so that it continues directly from the previous text