Cars & Driving

  • noun
    (written as Ford)
    the second largest car manufacturer in the world (after GM)


  • noun a place on a river or stream where the water is shallow enough for men to wade across or for vehicles to drive through
  • verb to cross a river or stream by wading or driving through the water

Origin & History of “ford”

Ford is an ancient word, whose origins can be traced back as far as prehistoric Indo-European *prtús, a derivative of *por- ‘going, passage’, which also produced English fare and ferry. Descendants of *prtús include Latin portus ‘harbour’ (source of English port), Welsh rhyd ‘ford’, west Germanic *furduz (whence German furt ‘ford’ and English ford) and north Germanic *ferthuz (source of English fiord or fjord (17th c.) and firth (15th c.)).