General English


  • noun an online area where Internet users can read, post, and respond to messages


  • noun an Internet discussion group for people who share a special interest in something

Information & Library Science

  • noun a place or meeting at which matters can be discussed

Media Studies

  • noun a medium in which debate, discussion and argument can take place, e.g. a magazine or newspaper
  • noun a website on which people can post opinions and read what others have to say about the subjects they are all interested in

Origin & History of “forum”

Originally Latin forum denoted an ‘out-of-doors place’ – it was related to forīs ‘out-of-doors, outside’ and to forēs ‘door’, a distant cousin of English door. It came to be used for any outdoor open space or public place, and in particular for a market place (the most famous of which was the one in Rome, where public assemblies, tribunals, etc were held). other English words from the same source are foreign, forest, and forensic ‘of legal proceedings’ (17th c.) (from Latin forēnsis ‘of a forum as a place of public discussion’).