General English

General Science

  • verb an action by a bridge to copy a packet of data from one segment to another


  • adjective in advance or to be paid at a later date


  • verb to send an email message that you have received on to another user


  • adjective (of a stroke or style of play) made by or characterised by the batsman playing forward
    Citation ‘David Harris … wrought quite a revolution in the game, changing cricket from a backward and slashing to a forward and defensive game’ (Pycroft 1854 in HM)
    Citation ‘Yesterday his first movement to Warne was always forward, pad closely escorting his bat when it wasn’t leading the way’ (Haigh 2005)
    Compare back See also front foot
  • adjective indicating a position a little in front of the line of the batsman’s wicket. Usually used in combination to indicate a modified fielding position that would normally be squarer on to the wicket, such as short leg or square leg.
    Citation ‘Chappell avoided a pair when he pushed his first ball uppishly past Cook at forward short-leg’ (Henry Blofeld, Cricketer February 1983)
    Compare backward See fielding positions
  • adverb striking or attempting to strike the ball from a position in which the ‘front foot’ (the left foot in the case of a right-handed batsman) is advanced down the wicket to the pitch of the ball and carries most of the weight of the body
    Citation ‘He bowled at me in a match, fast straight stuff to which one could play forward comfortably’ (James 1963)
    Citation ‘The floater … is bowled at a slower pace than the arm ball, or indeed at the same pace. The difference with this delivery is that it tends to draw the batsman forward and into playing down the wrong line’ (Lindsay Moody, Cricketer August 1994)


  • On the forward market.


  • To send on to a new destination. For example, to forward data, or a telephone call.

Information & Library Science

  • adjective at or moving towards the front of something or towards the future
  • verb to send on a letter which has arrived at an address from which the intended recipient has moved

Real Estate

  • adverb used for describing procedures relating to property that take place before the construction of the property has been completed


  • noun an attacking player in some team sports, e.g. football, rugby, hockey and basketball


  • adjective towards the front part of a ship or plane


  • used to describe a wine that gives an immediate impression of fruitiness, often because it has matured too early


  • abbreviationfwd