• noun the act of arranging shipping and customs documents


  • The sending on to a new destination. For example, the forwarding of data, or of telephone calls.
  • A service offered by telephone companies, which enables calls to automatically be rerouted from one telephone line to another. Calls may be sent to an alternate location, an answering service, or the like. Some systems have more tailored offerings, such as selective call forwarding for programmed numbers, call forwarding only when the line is busy, or forwarding if there is no answer after a specified number of rings. Also known as call forwarding.
  • The resending of an email that has already reached a recipient's address. Once received, an email may be forwarded manually or automatically to one or more email addresses. When an email is manually forwarded, its content may be changed and/or files may be attached. Also called email forwarding.


  • noun the process of continuing the binding of a book after it has been sewn, by rounding, backing, casing in, etc.