Freie Bühne



  • (German: Free Theatre) A Berlin theater club founded in 1889by Otto Brahm with Theodor Wolff and Maximilian Harden, all of whomwere influenced by the French naturalistic dramatists and the directorAndré Antoine (1858 - 1943). Freie Bühne, which wasmodelled on Antoine's Théâtre Libre in Paris,presented the works of Ibsen, Strindberg, Hauptmann, Bjørnson,Anzengruber, and Zola, and published its own newspaper. The actressAgnes Sorma, who won great acclaim as Nora in Ibsen's A Doll'sHouse, was a member of the club.

    Brahm also influenced other experimental writers, for exampleJohannes Schlaf who wrote Master Olze (1890), and collaboratedon The Selicke Family (1890) with Arno Holz. In 1894 the FreieBühne merged with the Deutsches Theatre.