General English

  • preposition showing the place where something starts or started
  • preposition showing the time when something starts or started
  • preposition showing distance
  • preposition showing difference
  • preposition showing a cause


  • acronym forfusible read only memory
    (written as FROM)

General Science

  • noun a type of memory that is made up of a matrix of fusible links which are selectively blown to program it.

Origin & History of “from”

From goes back ultimately to Indo-European *pr, which also produced English first, for, fore, foremost, former, and before. The addition of a suffix -m gave a word denoting ‘forward movement, advancement’ (as in Greek prómos ‘foremost’). By the time it reached Old English as from or fram the notion of ‘moving forward or onward’ had passed into ‘moving away’. The related fro (12th c.), now little used except in to and fro, comes from Old Norse frá.