Gaiety Theatre



  • (1) An intimate playhouse that opened in Dublin in 1871. Itcame under the auspices of the Irish Literary Theatre from 1900 to1901. The theater was renovated in 1955, having been saved from demolitionby the TV presenter Eamonn Andrews.

    (2) A London theater in the Strand, which opened in 1864 as the StrandMusick Hall. It reopened after rebuilding in 1868, later becoming the firsttheater to be lit by electricity on the outside. The chorus of GaietyGirls first appeared in 1893 in a production of In Town, one ofthe first musical comedies. The theater was demolished in 1903 for thewidening of the Strand, but a new Gaiety was built in Aldwych and opened inthe same year. It closed in 1939 and was finally demolished in 1957. see also George Edwardes.

    (3) A Manchester theater that became the home of England's firstrepertory company, founded by Annie Horniman in a formermusic hall in 1908. In the 1910s it was closely associated with the works of the Manchester school. Financial problems forced its closure in 1917 and the building became a cinema in 1921.

    (4) A theater on Broadway, New York, which opened in 1908. Those to maketheir names there included the young John Barrymore (see Barrymores,the). In 1932 the venue became a burlesque house and cinema; it wasrenamed the Victoria Theatre in 1943 and finally demolished in the 1990s.