• A standard liquid measure: The British imperial gallon contains 10 lbs. of water; the American gallon contains 8.33 lbs. of water.


  • The old imperial liquid measure still found in recipes. 1 imperial gallon equals 4.54 litre, 160 fluid oz, 8 pints or 32 gills.
  • The liquid measure still in use in the USA. 1 US gallon equals 3.78 litres.


  • noun a unit of measurement of liquids equalling 8 pints or 4.55 litres.


  • a measure of capacity equal to 8 pints, or 4.55 litres, used both for liquids and for measuring dry goods.

Origin & History of “gallon”

English acquired gallon from Old Northern French galon. this was a descendant of medieval Latin gallēta, a word for a ‘jug’ which was also used as a unit of measurement for wine. It may have been of Celtic origin. An early modern English dialect form of gallon was gawn, which added to tree produced gantry (16th c.), originally a ‘wooden stand for barrels’.