General English


  • noun an area of land cultivated as a hobby or for pleasure, rather than to produce an income.


  • noun an area of ground (usually next to or surrounding a house) used for the growing of flowers and plants or fruit and vegetables

Real Estate

  • adjective relating to, produced in or used in a garden
  • noun an area of ground adjacent to a building, in which plants are typically grown, used for relaxation, leisure and possibly horticulture


  • noun a piece of ground used for growing flowers, fruit or vegetables

Origin & History of “garden”

Ultimately, garden and yard are the same word. both come from prehistoric Germanic *gardon, but whereas yard reached English via a direct Germanic route, garden diverted via the romance languages. vulgar Latin borrowed *gardon as *gardo ‘enclosure’, and formed from it the adjective *gardīnus ‘enclosed’. The phrase hortus gardīnus ‘enclosed garden’ came to be abbreviated to gardīnus, which gave Old Northern French gardin, the source of the English word (more southerly dialects of Old French had jardin, borrowed by Italian as giardino).