General English

General Science

  • verb to calculate something approximately by using the senses


  • noun a unit of diameter or width

Cars & Driving

  • noun a tool for checking whether clearances between parts, or the shape and dimensions of pieces being worked comply with specified tolerance requirements
  • noun an instrument for measuring a quantity; typical gauges are fuel level, coolant temperature, and oil pressure gauges on an instrument panel and tyre gauge to measure the pressure of air in a tyre
  • noun the thickness or diameter of various materials such as wire or sheet metal


  • The numerically designated thickness of sheet metal.
  • The designated diameter of a screw or wire, or the thickness of the wall of tubing.
  • A measuring device for pressure or liquid level.
  • The distance between rows of bolt or rivet holes in the same member.
  • A wood or metal strip used as a thickness-control guide in bituminous or concrete paving operations.
  • In plastering, a screed.
  • The act of adding or the amount of gauging plaster needed to hasten the setting of common plaster.
  • In laid roofing, the exposed length of a shingle, slate, or tile.


  • A device or instrument which serves to measure a given magnitude, or which is utilized for testing.
  • A scale or standard utilized for sizing wires, tubing, sheets, rods and the such. Used, for instance, to determine the thickness or diameter of such a material. Also, a measurement expressed in such terms. For example, a 14-gauge wire.


  • noun a device that measures thickness or width
  • verb to measure the thickness or width of something

Real Estate

  • noun a device or instrument for measuring an amount or quantity or for testing accuracy
  • noun the diameter of something, especially of wire or a needle
  • noun the proportion of plaster of Paris that is added to mortar to speed up the setting of the mixture