General English

  • noun a person who is a proud or enthusiastic user of computers or other technology, especially one who is interested in few other things or is socially awkward


  • A person who is inordinately oriented towards and/or dedicated to technology, especially that pertaining to computers and networks. The term usually implies a given level of expertise. Also called nerd.


  • noun a freak, an insane or disgusting person. This old word originated with fairground folk to describe someone willing to abase themselves or perform disgusting acts, such as biting the heads off live chickens, or a grotesque person exhibited for money. The word is now firmly established in teenage and schoolchildren’s slang, helped by the preponderance of geeks in the horror films of the late 1970s and 1980s. It may be derived from German, Dutch or Yiddish words for ‘to peep’, or from Dutch and English dialect words for a fool.
  • noun a menstrual period. This use of the word, indicating distaste and/or fascination and used by both sexes, originated in the USA. ‘On the geek’ (having one’s period), ‘geek pains’ (period pains).