• adjective excellent, in hip hop and rap parlance
  • noun a man. A common word in Britain, where slang users often assume that it derives from a bathroom geyser (water heater), by analogy with boiler. In fact it probably originates in ‘guiser’ or ‘gizer’, a word for a masquerader or mummer who wears a (dis)guise. In the 19th century geezer could be applied to women. The word is also used in the USA, where it is regarded as rather colourful.

Origin & History of “geezer”

Originally, a geezer seems to have been ‘someone who went around in disguise’. The word probably represents a dialectal pronunciation of the now obsolete guiser ‘someone wearing a masquerade as part of a performance, mummer’. this was a derivative of guise (13th c.), which, together with disguise (14th c.), goes back ultimately to prehistoric Germanic *wīsōn, ancestor of archaic English wise ‘manner’.