• One of the earliest and most famous of the commedia dell'artecompanies. Headed by Francesco Andreini (1548 - 1624), who createdthe character of Il Capitano, and his wife Isabella (1562 - 1604),who developed the role of the inamorata, the company was attachedto the household of the Duke of Mantua (who later supported the Fedelitroupe). The Gelosi played in France in 1571 and in 1577 were summonedto performances at Blois for Henry III. The company subsequently playedin Paris, heralding the later invasion of Italian companies that wasto have a profound influence upon the character of the French theater(see Com├ędie-Italienne). The Gelosi touredEurope almost constantly, returning to perform in Paris in 1602. In1604, on their return journey to Italy, Isabella died in childbirthin Lyons; her husband was so distraught that he disbanded the company.