General Science

  • adjective referring to a drug that does not have a proprietary name used by a manufacturer


  • adjective relating to or suitable for a broad range of things or situations


  • adjective which is shared by a group, and does not refer to one individual
  • noun a product sold without a brand name
  • noun a brand name which is now given to a product rather than to a particular brand, e.g. hoover, kleenex, or thermos


  • adjective that is compatible with a whole family of hardware or software devices from one manufacturer


  • A term used to generally describe a material, product, assembly, or piece of equipment, as in the descriptive specification, rather than naming it by a specific trade name or source of manufacture or distribution.


  • Pertaining to, or descriptive of an entire group or category.

Health Economics

  • (written as Generic)
    Usually used to describe drugs that are no longer patent protected and that are generally sold under a name related to their chemical character rather than their brand name. Thus, the generic name for the famous antidepressant Prozac is fluoxetine and the generic name for the world's best-selling anti-cholesterol medicine, Lipitor, is atorvastatin (global sales $13 thousand million in 2008.).


  • adjective referring to medicine which does not have a special trademark or brand name given to it by its manufacturer