George Feydeau



  • (1862 - 1921) French dramatist remembered for his farces,mostly on the traditional themes of adultery, mistaken identity, andmisunderstanding. He is widely regarded as a master of plot and dialogue.Noël Coward, who adapted his Occupe-toi d'Amélie(1908) as Look After Lulu (1959), thought otherwise, however:
    M. Feydeau is a very untidy playwright. He leavescharacters about all over the place and disposes of them without explanation.
    Diaries (1982)

    The best known of his nearly 40 plays are perhaps L'Hôteldu libre échange (1894; known in English as Hotel Paradiso),La dame de chez Maxim (The Lady from Maxim's; 1899),and La Puce à l'oreille (A Flea in Her Ear;1907). His later plays were less successful. Feydeau himself designedthe elaborate - sometimes split-stage - sets requiredby his works. He died of syphilis in a lunatic asylum.