Giacomo Torelli



  • (1608 - 78) Italian architect and stage designer knownas the Great Magician because of the magical effects of hisnumerous inventions for the stage. Torelli apparently installed thefirst ever set of wings at the Teatro Farnese, while stilla pupil of the theater's architect, Giambattista Aleotti. From 1641to 1645 he supervised the building of the Teatro Novissimo in Venice,where he invented the carriage-and-frame system.

    In 1645 Torelli moved to the Salle du Petit-Bourbon in Paristo oversee the production of opera. While there he created variousbackstage mechanisms that helped to launch the genre of the machineplay. When the Salle du Petit-Bourbon was demolished in 1660,most of Torelli's stage machinery was taken away and burned by a jealousrival, the court scene painter, Vigarani.