General English


  • noun a thing which is given to someone



  • noun
    (written as GIFT)
    a procedure in which a surgeon removes eggs from a woman’s ovary, mixes them with sperm and places them in one of her Fallopian tubes to help her conceive a child.
  • acronym forgamete intrafallopian transfer
    (written as GIFT)
  • noun a technique to combine eggs and sperm outside the body and then insert them into the Fallopian tubes.

Origin & History of “gift”

Prehistoric Germanic *geb-, the source from which English gets the verb give, produced the derivative *geftiz. this passed into Old English as gift, which, as far as is known, meant only ‘bride price’, and seems to have died out by the middle English period. modern English gift represents a borrowing of the related Old Norse gipt or gift. (Modern German, Swedish, and Danish gift and Dutch gif are used euphemistically for ‘poison’.).