• noun a ball bowled by a right-arm wrist-spin bowler that breaks from off to leg; an off-break bowled with an (apparent) leg-break action
    Citation ‘Abdul Qadir had both Richards and Haynes embarrassed by their inability to read a googly that Jeff Stollmeyer, watching about 120 yards away, spotted the moment it left the bowler’s hand’ (Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Cricketer August 1983)
    Citation ‘Warne’s googly does not spin so sharply as Mushtaq’s nor is it as well disguised’ (Vic Marks, Observer 13 June 1993)
    Citation ‘Kaneria bowls leg-spinner and googly alike, from a high arm with little discernible change of action’ (David Hopps, Guardian 15 July 2006)
    Compare chinaman


  • noun in cricket, a ball that looks like a leg break on delivery and then moves unexpectedly in the opposite direction after it pitches