General English

  • verb to cut something out

Cars & Driving

  • noun a flat, relatively large dent that has no hard contours so it can be reshaped by shrinking using heat or with a hammer and dolly


  • A cutting chisel having a long, curved blade and used for hollowing out wood, or for making holes, channels, or grooves in wood or stone.


  • noun a surgical instrument like a chisel, used to cut bone


  • noun a tool used to impress decorative lines on a book cover


  • verb to intimidate, damage, do down. A business term of the 1980s.

Origin & History of “gouge”

Gouge may be of Celtic origin – a resemblance to forms such as Welsh gylf ‘beak’ and Cornish gilb ‘borer’ has been noted. But its earliest positively identifiable ancestor is late Latin gubia, whose Old French descendant gouge was borrowed by English.