General English

General Science

  • noun a position on a scale of size, quality, amount or academic achievement


  • noun a category of something which is classified according to quality or size
  • verb to divide produce into different categories, according to its quality or size


  • verb to sort something into different levels of quality
  • verb to make something rise in steps according to quantity


  • The surface or level of the ground.
  • A classification of quality as, for instance, in lumber.
  • The existing or proposed ground level or elevation on a building site or around a building.
  • The slope or rate of incline or decline of a road, expressed as a percent.
  • In plumbing, the slope of installed pipe, expressed in the fall in inches per foot length of pipe.
  • The classification of the durability of brick.
  • Any surface prepared to accept paving, conduit, or rails.


  • A position, level, or class within a given scale or accepted standard. For instance, when referring to communication bandwidths, voice grade refers to a frequency range which adequately transmits human speech.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a mark given to a piece of coursework or an examination which indicates the level of success attained


  • noun a level of proficiency, quality, rank, etc.

Real Estate

  • verb to level a road or railway