• noun a citrus fruit of a tree (Citrus paradisi) similar to the orange. The fruit is lemon-yellow or pink when ripe, about twice the size of an orange, and very juicy.


  • Large spherical fruits of a citrus tree, Citrus paradisis, which grow in clusters and are cultivated in the USA, South America and some Mediterranean countries. They are probably a cross between sweet orange and pummelo, the latter’s seeds were taken to Barbados by the British. The two main types are Marsh seedless and pigmented varieties. They have a thick yellow skin, with red pigmentation in some cases, with somewhat astringent typical citrus flesh. Halved grapefruits with the flesh loosened and membranes removed are often used as a breakfast dish or starter to clear the palette. Used for marmalade and supplied as skinned segments in cans.


  • noun the citrus fruit similar to and about twice as large as an orange, but not as sweet, that is lemon-yellow when ripe and very juicy, and has flesh that is usually pale greenish-yellow, but can also be pink


  • a taste or aroma found in some white wines